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How Can the LSSI Program Help You?

Did you know there is an ongoing initiative that allows for qualified sites impacted by petroleum contamination to be assessed at no cost to the owner? Under the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) Low Score Site Initiative (LSSI), eligible sites with a score of 29 or less may voluntarily apply to receive state funding of up to $35,000 per site for as many as 10 sites per owner in a fiscal year.


Under LSSI, your site can be characterized as follows:

  • SRCO - No petroleum contamination is present in the soil and groundwater.  
  • NFA - Minimal contamination levels do not pose a threat.
  • Parked - Contamination levels may be harmful but are not migrating offsite. The site will be parked to await further funding.

The goal of the LSSI program is to assess the site in order to determine whether it is eligible for closure and can be removed from the FDEP list of contaminated sites. The program gives property owners the opportunity to clear their property from any future concern associated with the open discharge.

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