NJDEP_Field_Image.pngHandex provides a variety of sampling assistance services to a northeast state's Department of Environmental Protection or work conducted at landfills, industrial sites and service stations. Under this contract, we have completed work for more than 55 separate engagements throughout the state. We provide field sampling technicians, drillers and heavy equipment operators, as well as all necessary light and heavy equipment and vehicles to assist the DEP in field sampling activities. Hazardous waste sites vary considerably in type, size, nature and amount of hazards present. As such, we maintain the resources necessary to access monitoring wells and conduct sampling in difficult locations, including landfill covers, wooded areas and confined urban environments. Engagements for this contract have included landfill vent gas screening as well as waste pile, test pit, leachate and hazardous material container sampling. We have successfully provided the DEP with this unique service and continues to service their needs cost effectively.

Monitor Well Sampling

Under this contract, our field technicians sample monitor wells for various engagements statewide by gauging and standard purging, three-volume purging or passive diffusive bag sampling. Handex is a DEP Certified Laboratory, and completes “analyze immediately” well stability parameter measurements as part of our well monitoring program. Site access agreements and sampling data deliverables are completed by Handex as part of the monitoring program. We coordinate sampling events and delivery of samples to the laboratory as part of this.

Water Sampling

Handex completes groundwater sampling by Hydraulic Direct Push Sampling System (HDPSS) using a track-mounted Geoprobe 6610DT and hot water pressure washer for decontamination of equipment, which is owned and operated by Handex. We employ state licensed well drillers/soil borers and driller’s assistants in order to operate our fleet of drilling equipment in-house. As part of this contract, we have successfully sampled groundwater by drilling shallow (<25’) to deep (>80’) soil bores. Borings are grouted after samples are collected, per DEP regulations. Surface water samples are collected for this contract using Teflon bailers or pond samplers.

Soil/Sediment Sampling

We complete soil sampling for this contract using HDPSS Dual-Tube Technology with EnCore® samplers for volatile organic compounds. Drilling technology is used for soil borings greater than five feet. We use stainless steel hand augers and soil homogenization techniques to sample at shallower surfaces. We have sampled soil gas for this contract using summa canisters and Amplified Geochemical Imaging (AGI) samplers. Sediment samples are taken using a clam shell device and split spoon sampling system or a core sampler.

Indoor Air/Sub-Slab Sampling

Summa canisters fitted with 24-hour flow regulators have also used for indoor air and sub-slab soil gas sampling at private and commercial properties for this contract. The summa canisters are hooked up to temporary monitoring points, which are installed by Handex at strategic locations on the slab.