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The Challenge

Handex was contracted by the Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise to design and install a cap on the existing C&D Landfill. Handex had the existing landfill surface surveyed to verify the existing drainage patterns and then designed the new topographic layout to force storm water to flow to the west to prevent excess erosion on the north face. Handex then completed the landfill cap design and submitted the modified landfill closure permit to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) prior to beginning construction activities. The landfill cap design included the placement of general fill material to establish the basic topographic pattern. The cap then included an 18” layer of clay, 6” of topsoil and then sod.

The Solution

Once the permit modification was approved, Handex crews began the landfill capping work. The first step of the work included completing an updated topographic survey and final grade layout. Handex then began clearing and grubbing the top of the landfill cell so that the general fill could be placed and followed that by placing the clay material.  Placing the clay on the top of the cell was critical to the success of the project. By capping the landfill top first, Handex prevented storm water from entering the landfill cell and then leaching out the north face of the cell. Handex then began a process of clearing and then capping the north slope, working from east to west, finally clearing and then capping the west slope. Handex then placed the required 6” of topsoil and finalized the cap by placing sod.

The Result

The C&D landfill closure of active Cell No. 2 is part of the Suncoast 2 Parkway expansion plans through Citrus County. Handex has managed the permit renewal, modifications, compliance monitoring, and reporting for the past three