Gems Landfill       Gems Landfill       Gems Landfill

The Challenge

GEMS Landfill is a former landfill that operated in the 1950s and accepted hazardous waste, solid and liquid wastes. The NJDEP closed the landfill in 1980. The current contaminants of concern are methane gases, VOCs, landfill gases, as well as SVOCs and metals in the water.

The Solution

Phase I involved capping of the landfill and installing a gas collection system with a flare. Phase II entailed installation of the groundwater treatment system, equalizing tank, up-flow sand filter, carbon filtration, solids settling and filter press. This system was designed to maintain hydraulic control.

The Result

In August of 2015, Handex took over the Operations and Maintenance of GEMS Landfill from the former contractor. Groundwater sampling events began in September 2015. By October 2016, both carbon vessels were changed out and Handex established quarterly changeouts of the primary vessel to prevent future exceedances of the Radium 226 & Radium 228.
Additional goals established were to maintain the vegetation growth on the cap and to reduce methane concentrations coming into the flare to meet the air permit requirements.