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Handex Consulting & Remediation, LLC (HCR) was engaged to perform dredging for sediment from an on-site secondary polishing basin and dewater the material via High Pressure Recessed Chamber Plate and Frame Filter Press for off-site disposal. HCR’s Scope of Work included the following:

Samples were obtained for bench scale processing to develop dewatering production rates and perform confirmatory laboratory analysis that the filter cake would be non-hazardous for disposal prior to developing the final proposal.

Dredging was performed using an electric hydraulic dredge with an eight foot cutter head down to 14 feet. The dredge spoil was then conveyed to a mix tank for preconditioning before being pumped to a filter press for dewatering.

In order to maintain production two (2) High Pressure Recessed Chamber Plate and Frame Filter Presses were utilized.

HCR controlled possible release mitigation and maintained the plant NPDES permit requirements for the basin discharge into the Potomac River throughout the project which was critical for facility compliance for turbidly / TSS.