Dredging Guard Basin       Dredging Guard Basin       Dredging Guard Basin

The scope of work for the project included the volume reduction dredging of the two guard basins. Handex utilized our LWT Pit Hog 40 HP Hydraulic Remote-Controlled Dredge. Dredging was performed along the entire length of the berms for Basins 5 and 6, measuring back 50 feet from where the catwalks meet in the middle of the basins. From that point a 3 to 1 slope was cut back to approximately 15’ from in front of where the catwalk met the land. Dredging started from the area furthest away from the weir and progressed toward the weir in each basin. Once each basin was dredged, the dredge was positioned behind the catwalk to remove the material behind the catwalk. The dredge was then lifted over the catwalk so as not to disturb it. On the side that was located between basins 5 & 6, a section of the catwalk(s) needed to be removed to allow access for the dredge to be floated in. All dredged material was pumped from basins to a designated location in the dredge spoils area via 6” HDPE with the aid of a 6” DV150I pump. Handex reduced the volume of sludge by approximately 8,300 cubic yards.