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Our main objective was focused on targeted performance parameters of Total Suspended Solids (TSS), centrate quality, maximum cake dryness, and solids captured during the daily processing of 63,000 gallons of bio-solids per 8-hour shift. Operations consisted of operating a 21-inch bowl Tri-canter 3 phase centrifuge Monday – Friday, 8 hours per shift for 9 months. A treatability study / bench test was performed on the bio-solids sludge prior to commencing operations. In field results were as follows: In-situ bio-solids were 6% by weight and we were able to realize a 54% reduction by weight, resulting in 13% cake solids by weight. Centrifuge production rate was 9,000 gallons per hour, which produced 63.50 cake tons per shift. Polymer usage was .0042 pounds per gallon of feed or 265 pounds per shift.