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Handex designed and executed a pilot study to determine the feasibility of unique remediation strategies and to support construction design at a complex industrial site with significant petroleum impacts. The pilot study included a vapor study, hydrologic testing, contaminant phase separation and explored innovative methods for segregating remediated zones from surrounding contamination. The project design required months of collaboration among Handex construction, engineering and health safety professionals in addition to coordination with local and state government, multiple regulatory organizations and industry partners.

The construction and environmental professionals in the field contributed invaluable input to modify some of the original design specifications that resulted in achieving project goals. Since some the steps where new to everyone at Handex, some trial and error was required.

A barrier curtain used to segregate a remediation from surrounding contamination failed to seal off incoming contamination after it was deployed. The construction team came up with a plan to make field modifications to the barrier while it was in place. This avoided removing the barrier to make modifications and redeploying it, which helped deliver the project on time. During the remediation phase of the project, multiple attempts to achieve an even coverage of air injection inside the remediation zone had failed. Handex construction professional Dallas Meeley recommended a design change that achieved the design specifications. These episodes demonstrates the value that each member of the project team contributed to achieve overall success.

The project was executed on time and within budget with no reported safety incidents. Data from the pilot study is now supporting the final design of remediation strategies for the site and an ambitious construction project.