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Handex Consulting & Remediation provided the community of Rolling Hills Golf Course a contamination-free greenway throughout their neighborhood to assist in the conversion of the former golf course into parks, trails, bike paths, and playgrounds for the residents. This is a great example of a neighborhood coming together and choosing to revitalize the green-spaces of their neighborhood instead of allowing further residential construction to occur.

Handex performed a professional survey of the extents of each proposed excavation area around the former golf course and coordinated multiple changing hauling routes throughout the residential neighborhood. Handex’s professional construction crews excavated and properly disposed of a total of 12,500 tons of soil impacted with Arsenic and Dieldrin (from decades of pesticide applications) from over two dozen different excavation areas. 17,000 cubic yards of certified clean backfill was required to restore the site to existing grade and the excavation was finished with sod. Handex restored all haul route areas to their original condition, used As-built surveys to verify cut-depths and restored the site to existing grade.