Temporary Dewatering System            Temporary Dewatering System

We constructed a temporary roadway through a wooded area to provide access to the work zone for equipment and personnel to install and operate a temporary dewatering system. Utilizing 12 well points to 25 feet below land surface, with a portable dewatering pump system and an air-diffusing trailer, we accomplished the onsite extraction and treatment of approximately 1.2 million gallons of water per week.

Completion of sound attenuation walls abated noise levels away from adjacent residential properties. In order to maintain continuous operation as designed, we designed and supported the continuous operation of this system, including system sampling.

Additional key services conducted under this work order included the installation of 8 shallow monitoring wells and one deep monitoring well to better define the horizontal and vertical extent of impacted groundwater at the site, and preparation of an engineered remedial action plan to facilitate site cleanup.