Greenway Development Area       Greenway Development Area       Greenway Development Area
Greenway Development Area       Greenway Development Area

The Challenge

A subsurface diesel fuel plume in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey.

The Solution

We designed and built a “Pump and Treat System,” consisting of groundwater recovery wells, underground piping and underground electrical service. The treatment system contains an oil/water separator with a holding tank. Permitted discharge is to groundwater through an infiltration gallery. Due to heavy tourist traffic in Liberty State Park, we constructed a block building that fit the ambiance of the other surrounding structures.

The Result

From start to finish the construction took six months, and we now provide Operation & Maintenance at the facility, including system maintenance, discharge compliance sampling and groundwater sampling.

Site Description 

Within Liberty State Park is the Greenway Development Area, which includes a 2-acre parcel of land containing oil-contaminated soils.


Fuel Oil

Primary Receptor 

Groundwater beneath County Park

Trigger Event 

A soil investigation in May of 1995 characterized the fill and fuel oil product extent

System Description

A pump and treat system that includes four recovery wells pumping to an oil/water separator. The water is treated using solids removal and two 1000# LGAC units. The water is discharged to a reinjection gallery.

System Goals
Maximize Product Recovery
System Started
Groundwater Recovered
1,0981,951 (gal)
Calculated Groundwater
Pumping Rate
4 (gpm)