Meet Our Team

Meet Our Sales & Marketing Team


Ted Holland

Director of Business Development

Ted Holland is the director of business development for Handex. In this role, Ted will be responsible for managing the business development group at Handex. Ted will continue to facilitate growth by also leading the sales team as a selling manager and helping to establish national and key accounts. 

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Randy Thomson

Randy Thomson

Senior Consultant

Randy Thomson is a senior consultant at Handex. At Handex, Randy is responsible for strategic and operational support of business development, operations, health and safety. Randy has over 30 years in the petroleum industry.

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Jim Caccese

Senior Client Relationship Manager

Jim Caccese is a senior client relationship manager for Handex. He is committed to providing the highest level of safe and quality service to our clients. Jim has extensive experience in the environmental industry including consulting, operations, construction, management, research & development, and sales.

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Tina Fritz

Business Development Manager

Tina Fritz is a business development manager for Handex. Tina has worked in the environmental field in Florida for more than two decades. 

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Patricia Jimenez, MBA

Senior Sales & Marketing Specialist

Patricia Jimenez is the senior sales & marketing specialist for Handex. At Handex, Patricia is responsible for the management of marketing, proposals, events and process development for sales, marketing and quality. 

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