Handex operated as a Prime Contractor for a northeast turnpike authority. Working under two contracts with this turnpike authority, we performed soil and groundwater Remedial Investigations at seven sites between 2010 and 2014, in addition to other site remediation activities. Services furnished in completing the RIs included: soil and groundwater sampling, drilling and installing monitoring wells, performing receptor evaluations, collecting potable and surface water samples and assessing risks to receptors. We completed Remedial Investigations (RI) of soil and groundwater and submitted Remedial Investigation Reports (RIRs) for five sites prior to the May 7, 2014 Mandatory Timeframe. In addition, we completed additional remedial actions and issued Remedial Action Outcomes (RAOs) for two sites.

Service Area

An initial WRAF was issued by the state's department of environmental protection in March 2011 for $22,000. Our northeast office performed groundwater remedial investigation, evaluated remedial options and prepared a Remedial Action Alternatives Analysis and Selection Report in August 2011. Based on our evaluation of the site conditions and previously conducted feasibility testing, recommended MPE events with the addition of air sparging. MPE events were initiated in November 2011 under a supplemental WRAF ($95,000) that included the following: bi-monthly MPE events, installation of an air sparging well and additional monitoring wells, air sparging during MPE events using mobile equipment, and compliance monitoring and reporting. Following the installation of the air sparging well and additional source-area monitoring wells for MPE extraction, MPE recovery with air sparging increased 92% from an average of 130 lbs of equivalent hydrocarbons per event to over 250 lbs/event. MPE with air sparging proved to be an effective remedial technique at this site, and MPE/AS events are continuing in 2013 under a supplemental WRAF issued in January 2013 ($89,397).

Parkway Maintenance in one of the State's Districts

Under OPS A3344, a WRAF for $19,541.10 was issued in November 2010 to conduct additional site and remedial investigation activities, including conducting a Baseline Ecological Evaluation (BEE), composing an initial Receptor Evaluation (RE) and submitting a SI/RI Addendum Report. Additional site/remedial investigation was conducted by our Project Manager, Andrew Drake, and his team of field technicians and staff scientists; this task included collecting additional soil samples to address outstanding environmental concerns. Handex’s SBE subconsultant, Yu & Associates, completed the BEE and Handex prepared the initial RE Form. We summarized the activities and findings in a Site Investigation Addendum Report that was submitted to the state's DEP in February 2011, and recommended no further action for the site. On March 29, 2011, the state's DEP issued a No Further Action (NFA) letter for the site. The project was completed on time and under budget.