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Air Stripping SpargingBy applying innovative remedial strategies and technologies, we have reduced overall remediation timeframes and costs by eliminating prolonged system O&M.

We have also reduced cleanup time dramatically with innovative approaches such as in situ air sparge (AS)/soil vapor extraction (SVE), air strippers, horizontal groundwater recovery wells, POLYWALL hydraulic barriers and the use of mobile treatment units.

At Handex, we have built several sparge/vent/groundwater treatment trailers to be brought on site for use in short-term remediation or dewatering projects. We have used these trailers to allow sites with a few contamination-impacted wells to go straight to the less-costly Monitoring Only phase, eliminating the client’s need to install and operate a remediation system.  When possible, aboveground piping is used to save the expense of trenching during the installation of vapor-extraction, sparging and groundwater recovery wells.

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