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Soil ExcavasionIn many instances, based on site assessment data and site constraints, the most cost-effective and expedient method of a site cleanup and closure is source removal of the contaminated media. Our team is experienced in the execution of source removal projects and state and local permitting prerequisite requirements.

Utilizing in-house capabilities, we can determine the limits and depth of contaminated soil to remove. With an effective Site Assessment, managed by HCR professionals, you can be assured that the project is completed the first time, eliminating the need to perform re-work later on.

Support structures are designed and installed to assure that buildings, roadways, and railroad tracks remain structurally sound and free of future subsidence, as a result of excavation.

In the event that dewatering is required, we're an experienced installer of well point dewatering systems. With a complement of treatment equipment, including mobile treatment of up to 500 gpm to meet permitted discharge standards, we can monitor the discharge 24/7 to remain in compliance.

Our professional equipment operators and scientists ensure that contamination removal, truck loading, and restoration are performed in a safe and efficient manner, with the least possible amount of disruption to traffic and pedestrians in the area.

During the Site Assessment phase of a project, our professional staff collects the necessary representative samples to obtain approval from its network of disposal facilities. Soil is loaded at the site and shipped directly for disposal, with all required shipping documents prepared for client review and signature.

At HCR, we pride ourselves on our ability to restore the site back to it’s original condition after the project is complete. Whether it is asphalt, concrete, sod or landscaping that needs to be restored, we can complete the task.

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