Remediation Services

Environmental Site Assessments & Remedial InvestigationWe provide a full complement of real estate portfolio and individual site management services, including brownfields support and Phase I and II site assessment services, to help clients make informed decisions about properties they currently own or are evaluating for purchase or divestment. We complete non-invasive Phase I environmental assessments following standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Practices for Phase I Environmental Assessments (E1527, E1528 and E1903).

In addition to Phase I and II site assessments, we routinely perform preliminary assessments/site investigations, remedial investigations/feasibility studies and vapor intrusion assessments to identify potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities and determine the nature and extent of contaminated areas of concern on site. If remedial action is necessary to remedy existing contamination, we will evaluate alternative remedies for site remediation to minimize impact of potential receptors, including waterways, commercial businesses and private residences. At Handex, we conduct environmental due diligence according to all applicable state and federal regulations.

Typical assessments include:

  • Identification of potential areas of concern
  • Thorough inspection of the property surface
  • Water, air and soil characterization
  • Collection and analysis of environmental samples
  • Subsurface/soil characterization and evaluation by a geologist or hydrogeologist
  • Sensitive receptor evaluation
  • Fate and transport assessment
  • Optional asbestos, lead and mold testing

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