Remediation Services

Soil and Groundwater RemediationThe primary elements of success in managing soil and groundwater mitigation and remediation projects are:

  1. Focus on a successful up-front assessment and delineation of contamination plumes
  2. Extensive experience in designing and installing environmental treatment systems
  3. Thorough understanding of costs associated with each unique and distinct system

We are experienced with several types of conventional and innovative treatment technologies and remedies, such as:

  • Biological treatment technologies
  • Bioaugmentation
  • Bioventing
  • Biosparging
  • Bioslurping
  • Permeable reactive barriers
  • Chemical treatment technologies
  • Chemical precipitation
  • Ion exchange
  • Carbon absorption
  • In-situ chemical oxidation
  • Surfactant enhanced recovery
  • Permeable reactive barriers
  • Solidification and stabilization
  • Physical treatment technologies
  • Air sparging
  • Dual phase vacuum extraction
  • Oil skimming
  • Soil vapor extraction
  • Excavation or dredging
  • Pump and treat
  • Thermal desorption
  • Natural attenuation monitoring

We also have the necessary experience to evaluate and assess an existing system on site and provide recommendations and implementation for system optimization. As soil and groundwater remediation experts, we will service your needs in a cost-effective manner utilizing the knowledge obtained through our extensive track record of working on a wide variety of sites with site-specific conditions, systems and regulations.

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