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Chemical Handling Safety Tips

Written by Maureen Davis | July 9, 2019


In 2016, twelve airmen from the Homestead Air Reserve Base were taken to the hospital after possible exposure to the highly toxic chemical Hydrazine.

The accident occurred during maintenance on an F-16. Although no serious injuries were reported, the airmen were taken to the hospital as a precaution after possible contact with the chemical. However, this incident could have turned deadly very quickly.

Incidents like this help us understand how dangerous chemical exposure can be.

Chemical Safety Tips

Toxic chemicals and substances pose a wide range of health risks and physical hazards such as irritation, carcinogenicity, flammability and corrosion among others.

Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when handling potentially hazardous chemicals:

  • Make sure you have been properly trained in the Hazard Communication Standard.

  • Identify the chemicals you are using.

  • Keep an inventory of all chemicals being stored at your workplace. Be sure to list the quantities, storage location and storage method.

  • Ask your chemical supplier for Safety Data Sheets and keep them on hand for reference.

  • Label all containers with the name, concentration, manufacturing date and information on the hazards associated with the chemical being stored.

  • Identify safe uses of chemicals including handling instructions, necessary protective equipment, mixing instructions and washing instructions in the case of spills or skin contact.

  • Do not eat, drink or smoke near chemicals.

  • Store chemicals with other similar-type chemicals.

To learn more about how to handle chemicals safely in the workplace, you can visit the OSHA website or contact a representative at Handex today!


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Written by Maureen Davis
Maureen has over 20 years of experience in occupational and public safety and health in the environmental and construction industries. As health & safety manager, Maureen’s primary responsibility is to provide effective leadership focused on compliance with all Federal, State and local health and safety regulations. At Handex, she has been instrumental in the development and implementation of strategies, training programs and various ways to ensure compliance with best safety practices. She is truly passionate in fostering the safety of others whether at work, home or in the general public.

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