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How Do I Choose the Right Environmental Engineering Teaming Partner?

September 8, 2016 | Stephen Tomicki Topics: Teaming & Subcontracting

Teaming is useful when there is a contract that requires greater resources or services than your business can handle. However, there is also an inherent risk if you are the prime contractor, as you will ultimately be responsible for the work that is done. Read More

Benefits of Teaming and Subcontracting in the Environmental Business

March 15, 2016 | Stephen Tomicki Topics: Teaming & Subcontracting

The first thought everyone has about teaming and subcontracting is, “Why should I team with a company or find a partner?” The simple answer is to bring better quality, reliability of design or project scope and an understanding of what could go wrong and how to prevent it. Many companies ... Read More

7 Reasons Why Subcontracting May Be Right For You

March 8, 2016 | Stephen Tomicki Topics: Teaming & Subcontracting

Businesses often require subcontractors for assistance on large, specialized or diversified projects when they do not have the resources on hand or need additional expertise. In these instances, hiring an expert to work on one or more short-term projects can be beneficial in terms of cost, quality ... Read More