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Handex Excited to Exhibit at the PFAS Forum in Orlando

Differences Between Industrial Centrifuge vs. Filter Press

Vactor Combo Jetter/Vacuum Trucks vs. Hydro Excavation Trucks

Things to Have in Mind While Choosing an Environmental Company

Choosing the Right Wastewater Treatment

Why Handex?

The Advantages of a Filter Press

Why do Lagoons Need to be Cleaned?

What Does Handex Do?

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Benefits of Having Remediation Services on Your Site

Why Vacuum Trucks are Essential During Hurricane Season

How to Prepare for a Hurricane?

Why is Wastewater Treatment Important?

Phase One Assessment Work on Defunct Golf Courses

Handex Acquires New Vacuum Trucks

New Guide: Sludge Dewatering Guide

Handex Consulting & Remediation Appoints New CEO

What is an Industrial Centrifuge?

Handex Acquires Four More 3 Phase Centrifuges!

Everything You Need To Know About Sludge Dewatering

How to Stop Vapor Intrusion with Sub Slab Depressurization

What is Waste Minimization?

The Power of Dredging

Handex Sludge Dewatering Webinar

Whitepaper: Treatment Systems Construction & Installation

Your Complete Guide to Soil Remediation

Imagine a Day Without Water

What is a Filter Press and How Does It Work?

A Comprehensive Guide to Groundwater Remediation

How Does a Sludge Dewatering Centrifuge Work?

New Whitepaper: PFAS and Your Water

How the State of Pennsylvania Act 2 Could Benefit You

Why Aeration Basin Cleaning is Essential

Defunct Golf Courses

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

The Truth About Remediation Services

PFAS and Your Water

3 Industrial Dewatering Methods: Which One is Right for You?

What is Sludge Dewatering?

Handex is Pleased to Announce Orlando Regional Chamber Membership

Chemical Handling Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Working in Extreme Heat

The High Stakes of Construction Dewatering in the Sunshine State

What is Soil Vapor Extraction?

Private vs. Public Sector Bidding Process

Handex is Pleased to Announce Our 2018 EMR Rate

Tips to Prepare for an Eco-Friendly Holiday

Handex Is An Exhibitor At This Year’s Florida Remediation Conference

Handex Wins Seminole County Rolling Hills Soil Remediation Contract

Handex's Corporate Office Has Moved!

Safety Training - Why It Is Important

Handex Celebrates 4 Years Recordable Injury Free

Handex Wins NJDOT Contract for 3rd Year in a Row

Handex's Andy Shoulders, Golfs to Raise Money at the 2018 FAWQC Golf Tournament

Project Profile: Former Retail Gasoline Station Project

Project Profile: Public Sector Client Excavation Project

Anticipating and Resolving Project Difficulties

Handex's Service & Support Approach

Handex’s Approach to Contract & Project Management

Tips for a Green and Environmentally Friendly Halloween

Handex Announces Andy Shoulders as President and Chief Operations Officer

Handex’s Quality Focus

Tips to Prepare for a Hurricane

Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Help

What Is the Importance of PPE

Telemetry Systems - What Are They and How Do We Use Them?

What is Tank Cleaning and How Does it Work?

How to be Prepared for a Severe Weather Event

Handex Reaches 3 Years Recordable Injury Free

Handex Welcomes Andy Shoulders as New Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Handex Reaches 1,000 Days Injury Free

Handex Attends 2017 UCF COBA Hall of Fame Event

Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspection Guidance

How Do I Choose The Best Option for Sludge Dewatering?

What To Do During a Weather Related Watch or Warning

Potential Environmental Concerns to Watch for After a Hurricane

Daylight Savings Safety Tips

Is a Geomembrane the Right Choice for My Sludge Dewatering Needs?

How Can You Avoid These Post-Hurricane Dangers?

How Handex’s “Nobody Gets Hurt” Policy Works

OM&M Groundwater Sampling: Why Privatize?

Treatment System Construction & Installation: The Tools We Use

Is a Belt Press or Plate and Frame Filter Press the Right Choice for My Sludge Dewatering Needs?

Updates to the Florida Low Score Site Initiative

How Do I Choose the Right Environmental Engineering Teaming Partner?

What is an LSRP and What Does the LSRP Do?

Best Practices of Leading Indicators

Why Your Company Should Start Using Leading Indicators Today

What is a Geotechnical Assessment?

3 Leading Indicators Your Organization Should Implement Today

The Everglades Restoration Project

What is the Cleanup Process for Environmental Contamination?

What is a Superfund Site?

The Gateway Express Project

Crisis Communications Management for High-Risk Industries - Part 2: Response

Crisis Communications Management for High-Risk Industries - Part 1: Preparation

Safety Checklist: Working with Compressed Air

The LSSI vs. the LSA: Cleaning up Petroleum Contamination

Handex Attends 2016 ASCE Tri-County Workshop

The Role of the Field Technician

Is Your Site Eligible for LSSI?

Handex's Quality Initiative Program

How to Safely Remove Storm Debris from Your Property

The Florida Springshed Initiative: Protecting Our Waters

New Whitepaper: How to Stay Compliant With Your Landfill Remediation

Hurricane Preparedness Week: 5 Tips to Stay Safe

How Can You Clean up Your Landfill Site?

5 Things to Look for When Hiring an Environmental Firm

4 Things You Need to Know About Injectable Subsurface Groundwater Containment Barriers

The 3 Most Common Landfill Problems & Solutions

Earth Day and You

Handex Continues Its Safety Streak!

4 Steps to Responding to a Request For Proposal (RFP)

Filter Press vs. Centrifuge: Which One Do I Need to Use?

Why Going With the Cheapest Environmental Firm May Hurt You in the Long Run

4 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an Environmental Engineering Firm

3 Proactive Measures Beyond EMR

How Can Green Remediation Reduce the Footprint of Your Site Cleanup?

Benefits of Teaming and Subcontracting in the Environmental Business

Handex Scientist, Lyssa Cousineau, Teaches Children About Environmental Studies

7 Reasons Why Subcontracting May Be Right For You

Handex Reaches 600 Days Injury Free

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Understanding the Low Score Site Initiative

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