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Understanding the Low Score Site Initiative

Written by Victoria Richmond | February 15, 2016

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The Low Score Site Initiative (LSSI) is a voluntary program in which property owners can select a qualified environmental consultant to assess the soil and groundwater to determine if the site is clean. The goal of this initiative is to determine whether the site is eligible for a Site Rehabilitation Closure Order (SRCO) or LSSI No Further Action (NFA) by assessing the source of the suspected contamination and affected areas.

Any work conducted under the LSSI program is fully-funded under the Petroleum Restoration Program (PRP) and all deductibles and/or co-payments are waived by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). Each eligible site is qualified for up to $35,000 of funding for assessment. Property owners can apply for LSSI by selecting a qualified contractor and signing a LSSI Application and Contractor Selection Sheet (CSS).  A cost proposal will be completed by the contractor and submitted with the LSSI Application.

LSSI Services

In general, the LSSI Assessment consists of two events:

  • Event 1 (approximately 2-3 days) – Advance soil borings around the reported area of contamination and install monitoring wells in locations based on the results of the soil borings.
  • Event 2 (approximately 1 day) - Contingent upon FDEP approval, sample the monitoring wells at least 90 days after the initial sampling.

Once sufficient data is gathered from the soil and groundwater samples, the HCR project manager will discuss the results with the FDEP to determine the site characterization.

Site Characterization

Based on the results of soil and groundwater tests, the site will fall into one of the following three categories:

  • Site Rehabilitation Completion Order (SRCO) – If there is no soil or groundwater contamination, the site will qualify for an SRCO and the owner is released from further obligation to clean up their site. This means that all monitoring wells will be abandoned and the site will be fully restored to its pre-assessment condition.
  • No Further Action (NFA) – If no soil contamination is found, but minor groundwater contamination is detected but not migrating off site, the site will qualify for an LSSI NFA. This means that no further action is needed and the site will be restored to its pre-assessment condition. No deed restriction will be placed on the property.
  • Parked – If soil and/or groundwater contamination is found to be over the allowable limits, the site will be “parked” until funding becomes available under the Petroleum Restoration Program to continue site assessment.

If the property owner chooses not to participate in LSSI and waits until the FDEP requires the site to be cleaned, the property owner will be responsible for any deductibles and/or co-payments that are needed.

Working with Handex

At Handex, our clients are the top priority. We work with property owners and tenants to ensure that disruptions to daily business are kept to a minimum or avoided altogether. We have conducted LSSI assessments at gas stations, truck stops, retail warehouses and other worksites. We will not commence work on the site without approval from the client.

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The LSSI program was authorized by the Florida Legislature to facilitate the assessment and possible closure of sites eligible for funding under the Petroleum Restoration Program that are less likely to impact the health of the surrounding environment and/or human population. The LSSI program is strictly voluntary and each property owner is limited to a maximum of 10 sites during a fiscal year.

A copy of the LSSI Guidance and Statute can be found on the FDEP website.



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Written by Victoria Richmond
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