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Project Profile: Public Sector Client Excavation Project

Written by Handex Communications | February 15, 2018

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Have you read any of our project profiles? We feature some of our most interesting work on the Project Profile section of our website. These profiles are designed to explain the technical side of our work so you can see our services in action. Our newest project profile discusses excavation and remediation work performed for a public sector client.

What We Did

Handex provided remediation services to support new construction of a 50,000 square foot service plaza. The new facility was designed and built atop an old fueling facility. The source removal would allow for cost effective and quick site remediation in the future as well as prevent the possibility of vapor intrusion into the new facility.

Handex was tasked with excavating and disposing of 42,773 tons of contaminated soil, placing 53,139 tons of clean backfill material, and treating and discharging 13,500,000 gallons of groundwater. This work had to be completed in 40 working days due to the construction schedule for the new plaza.

This project involved two public sector clients and required that Handex procure funding for the removal effort. Check out our newest project profile to learn how Handex navigated all of the project intricacies.

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Written by Handex Communications
Handex provides professional high quality environmental remediation, engineering, construction and industrial services including sludge dewatering. For 50 years, Handex has developed solutions for our clients’ environmental needs that are cost-effective, regulatory compliant and consistent with objectives.

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