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How to Prepare for a Hurricane?

Written by Mayleen Andujar | June 20, 2023


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It's Hurricane season and Handex would like to take this opportunity to remind you, how to be prepared and stay safe during a hurricane.  No matter the seasonal forecast, now is the best time to get prepared as we all know, the unexpected can happen in the blink of an eye. It’s very important to always have a plan!

Here are a few tips that Handex’s Health & Safety  team  had written before, for staying safe during the upcoming season:

1. Determine Your Risk Level

Hurricanes affect more than just coastal areas. Even inland neighborhoods can receive strong winds and heavy rains. Contact your local government to determine what hazards threaten your area and prepare accordingly.

2. Develop a Plan

What will you do if a hurricane hits your area? If you live in an evacuation zone, you’ll need to figure out where you will go and how you will get there. If you plan on riding out the storm from your home, be sure to find a closet or basement where there are no windows or other hazards that you can use to stay safe.

3. Gather Supplies

Not only will you need supplies for the duration of the storm, but for the aftermath as well. Make sure to have enough food and water to last several days or even weeks if your power goes out. Also, be sure to keep batteries, flashlights or candles, and portable cell phone chargers around, too.

4. Protect Your Home

Nobody wants to come home to find their house has been destroyed because they didn’t board up their windows.

5. Put it in Writing

After you come up with a plan and a list of supplies, write it all down. You don’t want to forget anything essential in all of the chaos and confusion.

Be Prepared

Stay safe and prepare in advance for potential hurricanes or tropical storms in your area. To learn more about hurricane preparedness, view the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Preparedness Guide. 

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Written by Mayleen Andujar
Marketing Specialist for Handex

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