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Why Going With the Cheapest Environmental Firm May Hurt You in the Long Run

Written by Robert Sevret | April 7, 2016

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When selecting an environmental firm that meets your needs, you should have an internal checklist to satisfy before awarding the contract. Important qualities in a firm include experience, qualifications, licensing, resource availability and cost. Many companies share the same experience, qualifications, resources and licensing, but vary in cost. So is choosing the lowest cost provider the key driver in the final selection process? Is a response to an environmental condition truly a cost or is it an investment?

Here's why hiring the cheapest environmental firm may end up costing you more in the long run:

Low-Cost Firms Provide a Smaller Return

Consider this example: a qualified and professional contractor is hired to remediate a commercial property prior to a sale. The buyer has a clause within the contract that states the property must receive approval by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to build prior to closing and within 3 months. The hired firm completes the task at hand and meets the required deadlines and conditions.

Now, was this a cost or an investment? The firm improved a condition resulting in the sale of a property with an immediate return on Investment. Now, would a buyer knowingly sacrifice the loss of a transactional sale because they went with a low cost provider who could not meet the deadline or conditions? Not intentionally, but it happens all too often.

Working with Handex

Handex Consulting & Remediation, LLC is a full turnkey environmental solutions provider where our clients’ needs and expectations mirror Handex’s expectations. From the science behind the approach to the business economics, Handex will solve your problems and provide the return on your investment. We enter contracts and engagements as a partner and explore alternate funding options. We deliver answers and solve problems. The Handex team will expedite a solution within budget and on time.


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Written by Robert Sevret
Bobby Sevret is the Director of Client Relationships for Handex. He is responsible for relationship management and client development while providing construction management, technical oversight and support to the sales team.

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