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Earth Day and You

Written by Jim Caccese | April 22, 2016

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". . . on April 22, 1970, Earth Day was held, one of the most remarkable happenings in the history of democracy. . . "

― American Heritage Magazine, October 1993

Today is a time to reflect on life and the importance of what we do and how it impacts the world in such a positive way. We all should be proud of our commitment to sustainability and the necessity of maintaining and enhancing the world we live in. If in doubt look at the sky, rivers, mountains or oceans and their majestic beauty and how they have flourished since that faithful day, April 22, 1970.

Handex was created in 1968 out of the need to help insure clean water as society put larger burdens on our natural resources as we continue to develop and prosper. That need is greater now and the stakes much higher.

Life is a gift to be embraced and cherished, as is nature which needs to be held in trust for those yet to come. Everything we do should be supportive of that, however small, and a positive commitment to both the present and the future. Plant a tree, fix a leaking faucet or pick up trash and work to improve the world we have been entrusted with.

Think about the little things you have done and will do that support the premise – little things by many add up to big things, so keep it up!!

“In nature nothing exists alone.”

Rachel Carson, Silent Spring


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Written by Jim Caccese
Jim Caccese is a senior client relationship manager for Handex. He is committed to providing the highest level of safe and quality service to our clients. Jim has extensive experience in the environmental industry including consulting, operations, construction, management, research/development and sales.

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