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Is Your Site Eligible for LSSI?

Written by John Baeringer | June 9, 2016

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A petroleum discharge can affect the people who work on the site as well as the people who live in the surrounding area. As a result of possible hazards and health risks, the property values of contaminated areas may be affected due to the stigma attached to petroleum contamination. A site closure could remove an “environmental cloud” from the site and potentially increase the property value of the site and nearby areas.

The Low Score Site Initiative

The Low Score Site Initiative (LSSI) was designed to address the large number of sites that are low-priority and low-threat in the Petroleum Restoration Program (PRP). Under this program, eligible sites may voluntarily apply to receive state funding.

Here are a few important facts about LSSI:

  • Sites must have a score of 29 or below in order to qualify for state funding
  • Each site can now receive up to $35,000 to achieve closure
  • Property owners can receive funding for as many as 10 sites in a fiscal year
  • Funding is available on a first come, first serve basis

The goal of the LSSI program is to assess the site in order to remove it from the FDEP listing without burdening the property owner. The program gives property owners the ability to clear their property from any future concern associated with the open discharge.

Working with Handex

At Handex, our main priority is to satisfy the property owner by completing all assessments in a productive and timely manner. We will be paid directly by the FDEP and there will be no out of pocket costs to the property owner.

For more information about LSSI, download our free guide today!



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Written by John Baeringer
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