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Defunct Golf Courses

Written by Ben Miller | July 1, 2021


Imagine, a beautifully manicured golf course on an early spring or fall day with a little haze of morning dew that can almost take your breath away. Especially if you’re a golfer. And let’s face it, Florida has plenty of them. Many other states do as well. It takes a lot of work to keep the courses looking nice and pristine.

But what happens to them if membership goes down, financial burdens happen, competition continues to grow. Well, they can go defunct! And, this is happening more and more. As shown in the picture below, golf courses that are not regularly maintained can grow out of hand quickly. Now that once beautifully maintained golf course, is a real eyesore.

Abandoned golf courseWell, now what? What if you’ve built your home on a golf course that no longer can operate due to bankruptcy? It will have to be repurposed. 

Ever think about all the herbicides and pesticides it’s taken to keep that course nice and green? Yep, the chemicals are still there. 

Handex has experience cleaning up old defunct golf courses. From removing soils contaminated with Arsenic, Chlordane, etc.., to installing a water pump and treat systems, and re-sodding and grading. We clean up old defunct golf courses and bring them back to a healthy state of environment that can be repurposed and enjoyed in a new way!

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Written by Ben Miller
Ben Miller is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Handex and has over 20 years of experience in the environmental industry. He is dedicated to providing quality service and experiential knowledge to our clients. Ben joins the Handex team to assist in developing and implementing creative solutions to help better serve the short and long-term needs of current and future clients.

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