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Treatment System Construction & Installation: The Tools We Use

Written by Mike Rumen | September 28, 2016

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At Handex, well drilling is one of the fundamental aspects of our business. It allows us to start the process and conduct investigations. Our personnel have constructed and installed an assortment of groundwater treatment systems, giving us unique insight into the process.

We use two primary types of equipment to do this:

B59 Auger Rig

The B59 is a mobile drill rig that we use to create the well borehole. This drill rig uses hollow stem auger, solid stem auger, and air rotatory technology.  Handex is able to set 2” and 4” diameter wells using the hollow stem and solid stem augers.  Handex can install a 2” well down to 100 feet with air rotatory technology. The B59 drill rig will also allow for split spoon sampling and geotechnical borings.

Split-spoon samplers are used to collect soil samples as you drill. The use of liners allows us to take representative samples that can be used for chemical analysis of all types of contaminants.

Split-spoon samplers consist of steel tubes that are one to two feet long and split in half lengthwise. This is called the spoon. The spoon is attached to a heavy drop hammer that is connected to a steel cable that is used to lower the sampler into the borehole. The hammer is then raised and dropped, driving the split-spoon into the ground and forcing soil into the tube. Once lifted from the ground, the spoon is then split open, exposing the soil samples and allowing them to be collected by a geologist, hydrogeologist or environmental scientist.

Geoprobe 6610 DT

The Geoprobe 6610 DT is a smaller size, track-mounted machine that allows us to get into some of the more confined spaces we work in. The smaller size of the machine also allows us to perform direct push sampling in almost any site condition. Even weight distribution over both tracks means the 6610DT can easily maneuver through soft ground, mud, and even shallow water. With this machine, we can perform indoor and outdoor sampling.

Discrete groundwater sampling, discrete soil sampling, temporary well installation and permanent well installation can all be performed with the 6610DT.  This rig can set wells up to 2” in diameter.  HCR also has the capability to use an air hammer in conjunction with the 6610DT to set 2” wells up to 60 feet deep in bedrock.

Working with Handex

At Handex, we handle all your groundwater treatment and equipment maintenance needs so you can focus on your scope of work. We provide you with custom designed water treatment systems that are proven effective in treating contaminated water on your construction site.

To learn more about how Handex can help you with your groundwater treatment and equipment maintenance needs, visit our website or contact us today!


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Written by Mike Rumen
Mike Rumen is a Senior Project Manager for Handex. He is responsible for several high profile public sector contracts. Mike has over 12 years of experience in the environmental remediation industry.

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