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Pit_Pond_Lagoon_Cleanup__ClosureSludge buildup in settling ponds, aeration basins, and lagoons is a common problem for wastewater treatment facilities. We have mechanical dredges that we can use to remove these sludges to clean your ponds and dewater the sludge or have it pumped back into your system.

A cutter-head dredge enables the removal of sludge and sediment at a fixed or variable depth over the surface area of a lagoon. The dredge is used on basins where the agitation of the sludge and sediments is necessary to achieve effective removal, and where there is an adequate layer of surface water to float the dredge. Dredges are also appropriate for a lagoon where a water layer is required to maintain odor control. The dredge can cut a swath eight feet wide and as deep as thirteen feet below the surface.

Handex can assist with getting your ponds back in an orderly fashion with our sludge removal and dewatering service. We can perform lagoon closures as well as interim sludge removal. Sludge removal services are performed as a routine maintenance task to maintain freeboard or facilitate liner inspection or repairs. Sludge removal may be required for concrete basin or liner inspection or liner removal or relining.

Handex services encompass all aspects of the closure from planning to transportation and disposal of the lagoon waste. Handex utilizes a network of subcontractors to provide relining services for lagoons and concrete basins.

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