Wastewater Services

wastewater systemHandex has over 50 years of experience in cleaning digesters, tanks, and clarifiers. Wastewater treatment plants routinely need to address accumulated solids in tanks due to equipment malfunctions or repairs. By routinely cleaning these structures, you can increase digestion, reduce fuel costs, and increase the life operation of sludge pumps.

Handex has the capabilities to assist in the sludge removal, cleaning, and/or processing of the sludge to assist with these projects. The methods we use varies from project to project but we have experience cleaning:

• Anaerobic and Aerobic Digester Tanks
• Aeration Tanks
• Sludge Storage Tanks
• Oxidation Ditches
• Clarifiers

Handex has the equipment necessary to handle the grit and debris that accumulates in these structures and tanks. Our teams are trained in confined space procedures, appropriate safety equipment, and PPE is always used during sludge removal.

From cleaning to disposal, Handex can handle your wastewater needs, safely and efficiently.

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