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Levi Langevin

Levi Langevin
Levi Langevin is a Senior Project Manager for HCR, LLC. His focus is the management and execution of environmental investigations and remediation at varied environmental sites throughout the State of New Jersey. Levi has over 12 years of environmental experience supporting both private and public sector clients.

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What is the Cleanup Process for Environmental Contamination?

July 28, 2016 | Levi Langevin Topics: Field Work, Environmental Cleanup

The goal of any cleanup program is to remediate the site quickly and redevelop the land in ways that benefit communities and local economies. Although cleanup strategies can vary from site to site, there are a few basic steps that are common across the board: Read More

What is a Superfund Site?

July 26, 2016 | Levi Langevin Topics: Environmental Cleanup

Image source: http://philadelphiaencyclopedia.org/archive/superfund-sites/ The EPA’s superfund program was developed in 1980 to clean up some the most contaminated sites in the country and respond to environmental emergencies such as oil spills or natural disasters. As of June 2016, there were over ... Read More