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High Pressure (up to 225psi) Plate & Frame Filter Press

  • Produces a filter cake from 40-70% solids by weight.
  • High Pressure is achieved with a Piston Diaphragm Pump.  This type of processing is generally used on sludge where the solids are disposed of as a hazardous waste by High Temperature Incineration or Secure Landfill and the highest volume reduction is desired.
  • In addition, high pressure is effective in breaking out bi-products that are entrained in the sludge. For many waste streams, steam enhancement is utilized to change the physical characteristics of the sludge prior to dewatering. Steam enhanced pre-treatment has proven cost effective for Oily Sludge where dewatering is difficult under ambient temperatures and would require higher quantities of additives.

Low Pressure (100psi) Plate & Frame Filter Press

  • Produces a filter cake from 25-50% solids by weight.
  • Pressure is achieved by double diaphragm or self-priming trash pumps. 
  • Process is generally used: 
    • Where sludge characteristics do not require high pressure to achieve a good quality filter cake.
    • On non-hazardous waste streams where transportation and disposal/recycling costs are not as high as that of hazardous waste streams.

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