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Filter PressPlate and frame filter presses use recessed-chamber filter plates to separate the liquids from the solids. Two plates join together to form a chamber to pressurize the slurry and squeeze the filtrate out through the filter cloth lining in the chambers. The filter cake is collected on the surface of the filter plate cloths and dropped onto a horizontal conveyor.

There are two main types of filter presses that can be used:
  • High-pressure plate and frame filter presses typically produce filter cakes that are between 40% - 70% solids by weight.
  • Low-pressure plate and frame filter presses typically produce filter cakes that are between 25% - 50% solids by weight.

Some benefits of using a plate and frame filter press is that they produce stackable, cake-like solids that are amongst the “dryest’ of all technology. This gives you the most cost reduction when dealing with higher disposal cost materials such as hazardous waste.

The plate and frame filter press are most useful for the following applications:
  • Biological sludge
  • API Separator Sludge
Dewatering is used in every town with a wastewater treatment plant, power plant, chemical plant, paper mill, or refinery. Selecting the right process will depend on many factors. Knowing the different materials and what your project necessitates will help determine what your needs are. Handex has several decades of experience in dewatering and can put together a plan that works for you.

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